Taroona Primary School

Welcome to Taroona Primary School. We are a school of approximately 350 children located in a natural bushland setting overlooking the Derwent River estuary. Our school and its beautiful surrounds provides a unique environment for children to grow and to realise their individual potential. Catering for children from Kindergarten to Grade 6, in both single year and composite classes, children are taught using a variety of teaching approaches ranging from large group activities to specialist programs.  We also run a weekly Launching into Learning Early Years Program for children from birth to 4 years and their parents / carers.

Taroona Primary School is a centre of educational excellence, working in partnership with our community to ensure learning is valued, innovation is celebrated and leadership thrives.  We encourage and support our children to develop knowledge, skills and understandings across all curriculum areas so that each child reaches their full potential.

Our school’s vision is to develop creative thinkers, connected learners and inspired leaders. In achieving our vision we will encourage, model and explore the following five values which have been identified by our school community:

  • Respect – valuing the rights and opinions of others and taking care of our surroundings
  • Collaboration – connecting effectively with others to support and lead learning
  • Resilience – developing the skills and strengths required to confront and solve challenges
  • Creativity – perceiving the world in new ways, finding hidden patterns, making connections and generating solutions to authentic problems
  • Excellence – striving for the highest personal achievement, setting and achieving goals and celebrating success

Taroona Primary is well known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, where all members of our school community are respected, supported and valued. The school has a reputation for a high level of involvement from both the community and professional staff. Together their contributions have enabled students to achieve excellent academic and high social standards. The closely linked community holds the school in high regard and strongly supports its activities.

An integral part of the management of the school is the very active School Association which assists in overviewing school operations and plays a pivotal role in supporting the school and its programs.  All parents with children at Taroona Primary School automatically become members of the School Association.  Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month from 7pm in the staffroom and are open to all interested parents or guardians and staff.

We warmly welcome your family to Taroona Primary School and trust that your association with the school will be a happy and rewarding one.

Danielle Bresnehan


PH: 03-6227 8325 or Email: taroona.primary@education.tas.gov.au