Number 4: 25 March 2020

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Dear Families,

You have already received a number of communications from me this week.  Thank you once again for your support and positive messages as we work tirelessly to support your children in remaining calm, connected and engaged in their learning during this extraordinary time.

Please keep an eye on our school Facebook page for any announcements and our school website , where all correspondence to families will be posted on the home page. 

Our thoughts are with those families in our communities whose work or businesses are affected and impacted by all of the changes this week. We wish you all of our support.

Danielle Bresnehan



Congratulations to the following students who received a Taroona Award at last week’s assembly.

  • Liam for his excellence in relaxation! for committing to improving and rising to the challenge.
  • Norah for the effort that you have made with your writing and your kind and calm attitude.
  • Henry for your positive attitude towards learning and the kindness you show others.
  • Sam for his positive ‘can-do’ attitude in French class.
  • Eve for the transformation in her growth mindset in all areas of has been fantastic. Well done Eve!
  • Ruby for demonstrating all 5 TPS values consistently, especially during technology lessons.
  • Mia for your energy and passion for learning. It is a credit to you! well done!
  • Nicholas for all 5 values. What a motivated learner you are! You are a pleasure to teach. Well done!
  • Ruben for his outstanding writing this week and his imaginative and excellent use of punctuation.
  • Anna for her creativity and enthusiasm about her learning and her willingness to work with others.
  • Flynn for his determined and motivated approach to learning.
  • Lily for her creativity, excellence and conscientious efforts in her learning.
  • Monte for always being a kind and caring friend and always valuing the ideas of others. Well done!
  • Aila for displaying all 5 values at all times. Your positive attitude is a breath of fresh air. Welcome to TPS, Aila.
  • Theo for showing resilience during his Expert of the Week Talk.
  • Shiloh for demonstrating all 5 values during class time and play time.
  • Phoebe for always having a smile and showing kindness whilst consistently demonstrating all 5 values.
  • Ruben for always being willing to provide thought provoking ideas during our inquiry unit on systems.
  • Adriana for always being up to the challenge for new learning tasks.
  • Ashlin for displaying manners and respect to all of her peers and teachers.
  • Chloe for always demonstrating all 5 values!
  • Emily for being brave and having a go at new learning!
  • Cecilia for her confident start to the new year and her fabulous smile every morning when she walks though the door.
  • Ewan for demonstrating all 5 values every day. You are always polite, helpful, responsible and friendly and a role model for others.
  • Doug for sharing his expertise and passion for digi-tech with other students.
  • Sophia for her bubbly attitude, helpful spirit and passion for giving her best efforts.
  • Billy for demonstrating leadership and kindness, sharing his skills in breathing and zones to help a friend.


We would like to thank Agnes Marshall for her contribution to our school banking program. We wish Agnes and her family well with their move back to Queensland.

As we have had no response to our call for a volunteer to take over from Agnes, unfortunately our school banking program has concluded.


Prep Pullen

Prep students have been investigating two dimensional shapes. Please click on the image below for more details. 

3-4 Parry

Grade 3/4 Parry have been doing hands-on experiments and building their science inquiry skills. The students have been learning how to use equipment safely, make predictions and observations and write up their results. It’s been a little bit messy at times and lots of fun. Please click on the image below for further information. 


Please see the poster below for more information about the Cool Kids Anxiety Program for children aged 3 to 12 years.


Please click here for information about student bus travel and if your child is eligible to travel free of charge.


Please click here for the TPSA minutes.

Please click here for the 2019 Annual Review for Taroona Primary School.

Please click here for the TPSA Principal Report.

Email: TPSA 


Please be aware that the uniform shop is currently closed until further notice.


After consultation and feedback from the Taroona Primary community, we’ve introduced 3 new uniform items as a trial. These items will become permanent if sales trial is positive.

  • Polar Fleece Vests (Sizes 4 – 14) $40
  • Track pants with Reinforced Knees (Sizes 4, 6, 8 only) $47
  • Leggings (Girls Size 4 – 14) $35

See flyer here for photos.

Price lists and order form

Click “here” for the range of uniform items.

Click “here” for a price list. However, to save us and our office staff time, we do prefer orders to be via Qkr.

Opening hours:  

Thursdays – 2.45pm – 3.15pm


Student Absences

A reminder to parents/carers to advise the school office if their child is unable to attend school due to illness or any other reason.

A medical certificate is required if a child is absent due to illness for 5 days or more.

Signing Students in/out

To ensure we have an accurate record of student attendance in case of an emergency, we ask that any student arriving at school later than 9:00am or leaving for any reason during the school day be signed in or out at the school office.

Message to Students

If you need to get a message to your child, please contact the school before 2:15pm to ensure enough time for us to pass the message on.

Duty of Care

Please note that students are not to arrive before 8:30am. This is for the students’ protection and safety as there are no teachers on duty prior to 8:30am and classrooms remain locked until this time. Supervision is provided before and after school:

  • Playground (EXCLUDING PLAY WEST, BLUE COURTS & OVAL) 8:30 to 8:55am
  • Car park & bus area 2:50 to 3:05pm

School Volunteers – Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP)

All volunteers and helpers working within our school are reminded that they must have a current WWVP card.

To register go to the Department of Justice website and follow the instructions. Remember to select DoE and Taroona Primary School.

You will need to sign in at the office and show your card when helping at school or joining a school excursion.

The registration approval process can take several weeks, so new parents to the school, are encouraged to start their application as soon as possible. If you have a card please check that it is still current. Registration requires renewal every 3 years.


Lady Gowrie Taroona Before and After School Care operates from the hall each school day from 7:00-8:30 am (Before School Care) and 3:00-6:00 pm (After School Care), catering for children aged 4-12 years. We offer a safe and stimulating environment based on the children’s interests incorporating both indoor and outdoor play.  We employ trained Educators and provide a nutritious breakfast and afternoon tea each day.  Please contact the Lady Gowrie Outside School Hours Care Office on 6230 6806 or email us at for more information.

Please click here for Lady Gowries Taroona Vacation Care Program.

To ensure the safety of our school property, please ring Crime Stoppers if you see anyone acting suspiciously in our school grounds.