Number 18: 4 December 2019

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Dear Families,

How fabulous was the Seaside Festival last weekend?!  What a wonderful day of activities, entertainment and ‘fun-raising’! I would like to sincerely thank the 2019 Seaside Festival Subcommittee, volunteers, family members and TPS staff and students, for their incredible energy, passion and commitment to planning and delivering an event to remember!  I am incredibly proud of the sustainability focus of this year’s festival, with the amazing achievement of the TPS Green Team to reduce our environmental footprint to just 2 bags of landfill, down from 15 bags in 2017 – that’s incredible! 

A huge thank you must also be extended to the many sponsors, whose contributions this year ensured our fundraising efforts were well supported. I can’t wait to hear from TPSA Treasurer Mike Davis and SSF Budget Manager, Kate Wells, and find out the amount our school community raised from the event.  We will certainly publish the grand total as soon as we can!  

Thank you Afternoon Tea for School Volunteers and Helpers – Friday 6 December, 2:15pm

This Friday afternoon, we will be hosting a special afternoon tea to thank our wonderful volunteers and helpers and hope that everyone who has made a contribution to our school this year is able to attend. Taroona receives amazing support from our families, extended families and our community, and we can only offer the rich range of opportunities that we do because of this help and support. Please RSVP to the office to let us know if you are coming along ph: 6227 8325 / email: 

End of Year Celebration and Leaver Assemblies

Please make sure that you save the date for the following special events:

  • Final Celebration Assembly: Wednesday 11 December, 12:30 – 1:30pm, THS Gym
  • Leaver’s Assembly: Thursday 19 December, 1:30pm, TPS GP Room 

End of Year Staffing Update

At the end of each year, we take the time to appreciate and thank our fixed-term contract staff for their contributions to our school and to student learning programs.  Throughout 2019 we had a number of staff join our team in a fixed-term capacity, and I would like to extend our sincere thanks to the following team members for their work at TPS: Ms Eleni Dokos (ECE Learning Support and Prep Teacher), Ms Jo Williams (Teacher,1-2GW & 1-2TS), Mr Damien Cameron (Teacher Assistant), Mrs Roxanne Holiday (Teacher Assistant), Ms Alice Moore (Teacher Assistant) and Mr Nick Gill (Education Facility Attendant). 

At this time of the year, we are finalising permanent teaching staff arrangements for the new school year. As mentioned in a previous newsletter, Mrs Alex McNamara will be leaving our team at the end of 2019 to relocate with her family to Western Australia. At the upcoming Leaver’s Assembly on 19 December, we will be thanking Alex for her amazing contributions to our school and community over the past 10 years and wishing her and her family a safe and successful move interstate.

Late last week, I was advised that Mr Tony Poynter, is the successful nominee (subject to usual review processes) for the permanent Assistant Principal position at Princes Street Primary School, beginning in February 2020. I would like to congratulate Tony on his new appointment and sincerely thank him for his significant contributions to Taroona over these past 7 years; teaching across the year levels and establishing a range of new programs and initiatives at our school, including our TPS Student Parliament.  On behalf of the school community, I would like to extend our very best wishes to Tony in his transition to his new school in 2020 and look forward to formally celebrating Tony’s time here at TPS at the upcoming Leaver’s Assembly.  

Schools Triathlon: Friday 6 December

Good luck to all of our Schools Triathlon competitors. Approximately 80 students from Years 3-6 will be competing this Friday at Bellerive Beach. Thank you in advance to Kylie Broadbent, Liz Parry and Karen Gregson for their support for the team on the day.

Best wishes 

Danielle Bresnehan


STUDENT achievements

Aspiration, Growth and Achievement Awards 2019

This year the Minister for Education and Training, the Hon. Jeremy Rockliff, presented three students from Taroona with awards that recognised their achievement in Literacy and Numeracy and the Department’s values of aspiration and growth.

  • Aspiration and Achievement – a culture of high expectations and high achievement
  • Growth – improving by always learning and finding better ways to do things

Congratulations Annie, Leo and Quinn.

staff achievements

Congratulations to Jane Graham-Smith, Alex McNamara and Danielle Bresnehan who were recognised at a special function, held on Monday 2 December, for employees who have contributed 25 years (or more) of service to the Department of Education.



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e-smart update

Heading into Christmas, parents may be thinking about a technology oriented toy as a gift. This article from the eSafety Commissioner provides some excellent suggestions around what to look for to ensure gifts are age appropriate, best options and any pitfalls to avoid. From an educational perspective, a key question to ask is this, ’will this toy/device/technology encourage my child be a consumer or a creator?’ Technology that encourages our children to create, rather than just consume is often just as entertaining but with far more educational benefits.  

An important issue around technology use is around the appropriate amount of screen time for children. This can be particularly pertinent around holiday time when children may have new toys/devices/technology that they are excited about and keen to play with. It can be helpful to set boundaries and expectations at the start of the holiday period so all family members have a clear understanding of what is appropriate. Our school guidelines may be helpful in giving you an idea of what is suitable for various age groups, in terms of screen time.


Please see the image below for information in regards to the Taroona High School Orientation Day.



Please click here for information about student bus travel and if your child is eligible to travel free of charge.


Please click here for the October TPSA minutes.

Please click here for the September TPSA minutes.



After consultation and feedback from the Taroona Primary community, we’ve introduced 3 new uniform items as a trial. These items will become permanent if sales trial is positive.

  • Polar Fleece Vests (Sizes 4 – 14) $40
  • Track pants with Reinforced Knees (Sizes 4, 6, 8 only) $47
  • Leggings (Girls Size 4 – 14) $35

See flyer here for photos.

Price lists and order form

Click “here” for the range of uniform items.

Click “here” for a price list. However, to save us and our office staff time, we do prefer orders to be via Qkr.

Opening hours:  

Wednesday – 2.45pm-3.15pm

Help needed

The Uniform Shop is managed and staffed by volunteers. Please contact Katie on if you would like to contribute to the school by volunteering at the Uniform Shop.


We are seeking 2-3 volunteers to join our sushi packing roster on Friday morning’s in 2020 commencing in Term 1. This is a fun and easy task requiring around 1 hour from 9-10 am. Volunteers are rostered subject to their specified availability e.g. once a fortnight or once every 4-6 weeks, whatever suits you! You work in pairs with another volunteer in the school staff room. A Working with Vulnerable People Check is essential. If you could do a buddy shift before the end of the year, that would be great also but if you cannot, we are happy to train you up at the start of Term 1.

If you are interested, please contact Tracey Turner on 0439 618 520 or


Student Absences

A reminder to parents/carers to advise the school office if their child is unable to attend school due to illness or any other reason.

A medical certificate is required if a child is absent due to illness for 5 days or more.

Signing Students in/out

To ensure we have an accurate record of student attendance in case of an emergency, we ask that any student arriving at school later than 9:00am or leaving for any reason during the school day be signed in or out at the school office.

Message to Students

If you need to get a message to your child, please contact the school before 2:15pm to ensure enough time for us to pass the message on.

Duty of Care

Please note that students are not to arrive before 8:30am. This is for the students’ protection and safety as there are no teachers on duty prior to 8:30am and classrooms remain locked until this time. Supervision is provided before and after school:

  • Playground (EXCLUDING PLAY WEST, BLUE COURTS & OVAL) 8:30 to 8:55am
  • Car park & bus area 2:50 to 3:05pm

School Volunteers – Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP)

All volunteers and helpers working within our school are reminded that they must have a current WWVP card.

To register go to the Department of Justice website and follow the instructions. Remember to select DoE and Taroona Primary School.

You will need to sign in at the office and show your card when helping at school or joining a school excursion.

The registration approval process can take several weeks, so new parents to the school, are encouraged to start their application as soon as possible. If you have a card please check that it is still current. Registration requires renewal every 3 years.


Lady Gowrie Taroona Before and After School Care operates from the hall each school day from 7:00-8:30 am (Before School Care) and 3:00-6:00 pm (After School Care), catering for children aged 4-12 years. We offer a safe and stimulating environment based on the children’s interests incorporating both indoor and outdoor play.  We employ trained Educators and provide a nutritious breakfast and afternoon tea each day.  Please contact the Lady Gowrie Outside School Hours Care Office on 6230 6806 or email us at for more information.

Please click here for Lady Gowries Taroona Vacation Care Program.

To ensure the safety of our school property, please ring Crime Stoppers if you see anyone acting suspiciously in our school grounds.