Number 16: 6 November 2019

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Dear Families,

Genius Hour Inquiries

Last Thursday our school community was treated to an outstanding showcase of the Genius Hour inquiries from our 3-4 learners. For the past 10 weeks, every student in Years 3 and 4 has been researching a question   based on their personal interests and passions.  Posed as inquiry problems, such as “Can I make a game that  ……?  Can I ….?”, Genius Hour has been invaluable in developing key learnings in the Personal and Social and Critical and Creative Thinking capabilities in the Australian curriculum, such as self-awareness of strengths and interests, generating ideas and actions, and reflecting on thinking and processes.  The buzz in the school as students and families visited was palpable. Learners proudly shared not only their projects, but also their insights into unexpected challenges and how they overcame them.  Our school community is very proud of the inspiring leadership on display from the 3/4 classes, with all students showing their skills in 21st Century capabilities of communication, collaboration, creative problem solving and critical thinking. A huge thank you and congratulations to all the learners and teachers involved in TPS 2019 Genius Hour.  I’m already looking forward to next year!

Wellbeing at Taroona Primary School

Recently our teaching team worked together to review our school improvement priority which focuses on student wellbeing and engagement.  We analysed data from the Rumbles Quest assessment (Y1-3) and the 2019 Student Wellbeing (Y4-6) and PIVOT (Y 3-6) surveys and summarised the key themes as per below: 

  • TPS Wellbeing target is on track, as a school we are tracking highly against state and as a school we have increased all target areas as identified from the 2018 Student Wellbeing survey.
  • Overall, students feel engaged, safe and valued
  • Students feel that they have a good connection with teachers
  • Students have a good connection to their learning
  • The age appropriate amount of sleep fared lower for students at TPS

Over the next few weeks we will look more deeply at the data and plan our strategic actions for 2020.  On Thursday a film crew will be coming to TPS to interview Danielle and some students about the 2019 Student Wellbeing Survey as part of a short video to share across the DoE and the wider community. We look forward to sharing more information about wellbeing at Taroona in our upcoming newsletters.

Hardie Fellowship Recipients: Danielle Bresnehan & Hilary Purdie

On Monday evening, The Minister for Education and Training, The Hon Jeremy Rockliff, awarded Hilary Purdie and myself a Hardie Fellowship to travel to, and study at, Harvard University next July for three weeks. Four groups (8 teachers in total) have been awarded this prestigious opportunity in 2020.

Our research is focused on developing expertise in the pedagogies and assessment tools required for wide-scaled deeper learning in the 21st century.   There are two aspects that we will study, building on our current work at TPS in inquiry and student-led learning:

  1. enabling structures and practices that successfully cultivate scaled adoption of C21st pedagogies in schools, networks and systems
  2. assessment tools and frameworks that inform teaching, and measure student improvement in creativity, curiosity, problem solving, innovation; the soft skills researchers have shown to be central to our local and global vision and futures

Hilary and I are very excited and honoured to be awarded the fellowship and look forward to sharing more about our research in the coming months.  For more information about Professor Charles Dunn Hardie and the Fellowships visit:

Class Placements 2020

Teachers work together each year to develop optimal learning structures, taking into consideration students learning skills, work skills and social skills. Decisions regarding class placement for the new school year are made using the following process:

  1. Teaching staff will place students in a class group taking into consideration the educational needs of the child, the social & emotional needs of the child, the balance of student abilities within the class group and the balance between boys and girls in each class group.
  2. In the first two weeks of November of each school year, parents will be given the opportunity to make a class placement request for their child for the following year. This should be communicated to the Principal either by letter, email or a formal meeting. A class placement request will only be considered on educational grounds, not individual class teacher preferences.
  3. After teachers have initially placed students in a class group for the following year, the Principal will review class placements in light of any specific parental requests. Not all class placement requests can be met and ultimately the final decision rests with the Principal.
  4. Final class placements are announced in the last week of Term 4.  No changes will be made unless an obvious error has occurred.

Best wishes 

Danielle Bresnehan



Congratulations to the following students who received a Taroona Award at last week’s assembly:

  • Creativity – Tommy E, Ada S, Bren R, Rhys L, Max C, Aren R & Samuel S
  • Respect – Jacey G & Ben P
  • Resilience – Hamish C, Lily H.R, An T, Coco R, Saskia C & Maja N
  • Excellence – Jacob M, Alex A, Luke M, Marley F, Ruben D, Amie M, Piper P, Oscar P.R, Oliver S, Quincy C.G & Finley M
  • Collaboration – Cecilia Z
  • All 5 Values – Isaac R, June A, Tabitha R & Sienna F


All TPS Policies, developed under the 2016 Education Action and in consultation with the TPSA can be accessed via the Parent Handbook section of the TPS School Website.

This week I would like to highlight the TPS Respectful School Volunteer and Visitor Behaviour Policy which was endorsed by the TPSA in October 2018.  Our friendly office staff ensure all volunteers and visitors to TPS are made aware of this policy and understand their rights and responsibilities when participating in school activities and/or events. The policy also outlines the processes to be followed in the event of unacceptable behaviour. For full information, please click on the link above or call in at the office for a hard copy of the policy.


Kicking eSmart Goals!

Over the past 18 months, Taroona Primary has been working towards achieving eSmart status. This has involved many initiatives, including auditing our current practice, ensuring supporting structures are in place and providing explicit teaching in the area of eSafety. Our accreditation as an eSmart school in July was a wonderful achievement and reflected the commitment of students, staff, parents & community members.

In recognition of our exemplary practice, were invited to a recent professional learning opportunity ‘eSmart and your School Community’. Alex McNamara was asked to speak about Taroona Primary School’s eSmart journey and provide support to other schools currently undergoing the process.

In addition to achieving eSmart status, Taroona Primary School is the first school in Tasmania to achieve eSmart Membership status. This is ongoing journey for our school and our Membership status will assist in supporting us to ensure our students are provided with the best possible learning experiences in this area.

Alex McNamara



The final stage of preparation is underway for the 2019 Taroona Seaside Festival. The event is on Saturday 30 November from 11am to 3pm at Taroona Primary School. There are loads of activities happening – games and attractions, stalls selling a range of items, community organisations, food, drinks and entertainment. There’s something to suit everyone from the very young to the not so young!

Come and celebrate the day with your family and friends. The Seaside Festival is our School’s biggest fundraiser, drawing in crowds of people to enjoy the Festival atmosphere while helping raise much needed money for our School. 


LIKE  the Taroona Seaside Festival Facebook Page and share the page and information on it with your friends. Information about what’s on will be posted daily.

BUY your Raffle Tickets here. And SELL them to your friends. This year’s Raffle Prizes value have topped a massive $4250. There are loads of prizes and plenty of chances to win. Tickets are $2.50 each and more books available to sell at the School Office. There’s also a book-sellers prize for the person that sells the greatest number of tickets.

DONATE items you have around the house. Books, gift items, toys and puzzles, plants, produce and preserves, women and children’s good quality clothing, knitting/sewing items, plates, mugs, cutlery. Email us on how and where you can donate items.

BAKE a cake for the ever-popular cake stall. Cake deliveries are Friday 29 November – find all the information here.

HELP! There’s plenty to do and we NEED some volunteers to help us out with setting up and manning stalls. All you need is a RWVP card. Please email us – any contribution no matter how long or short is very much needed and appreciated.

EAT! Last Chance to Buy Your Box of Krispy Kremes!

This is the last week you have to purchase your box of delicious Krispy Kremes. Each dozen is $25 and all profits made go to the Taroona Seaside Festival. Orders of Original Glazed and Assorted Dozen can be easily made on QKR! or place your order by phone or email through Amy Webb – 0478 228 835. ORDERS CLOSE WEDNESDAY 13 NOVEMBER.

READ this flyer which details all the IMPORTANT information about the Festival and how you can help!

GET IN TOUCH – email

COME ALONG. Lock the date in your diary – Saturday 30 November 11am – 3pm. See you there!

Attention Buskers!

A reminder that registrations for busking at the Seaside Festival are about to close! Get a form from your teacher or just email me ( and I’ll send you one. You can sing, dance, do magic, recite poetry, or play an instrument. Perform solo, or with a friend or two. Forms must be returned to your teacher by this Friday 8 November. Get involved – it’s going to be fun!

Maggie Sakko and Anna Lyth – Busking Coordinators



This term Gr 1- 2 TW is making an inquiry into materials and how they may be changed. We took large paper bags home to fill with various household materials.

It was very exciting when we sorted out all the items. Mrs Thorp and Miss Oddie didn’t tell us how to sort the materials, there were not any clues at all and we had to work as a whole class. Some of us liked sharing our ideas and some of us needed more encouragement to do this.

After some time, we all decided we would sort by ‘what the materials were made from’. We made a group of wooden objects, plastic items, cardboard items, rubber, glass and fabric!

Please see the images below for more information


Elsa, Clara. Florence and Freya from 1-2 GW are very proud to share their very first “Happy News” Channel broadcast!

One morning as she was driving to school, Elsa expressed to her dad that she thought that there was too much bad news on TV. She thought that more good news should be shared. But how could a grade two student help balance this, even if only at a local level? After much brainstorming with the class, a “Happy News” channel was born! This is the very first attempt at making Elsa’s vision come to life. We owe Elsa’s dad, Oliver Grant, and Stuart Thorn from the Peter Underwood Centre, a huge thank you in making this possible. They gave up hours of their time and expertise to help create what you are about to see. We also owe a special thank you to Rebecca Hewett (parent and weekend ABC news presenter) for coming in to talk to us about life on a news set and for giving us many helpful tips and advice. There is room for improvement and I am sure we will perfect it as our vision is to make this a regular broadcast of happy news shared by Taroona Primary students and our community!

We have since had our dress up day to raise money for endangered animals.

To watch, scan the qr code or click on the link below.


Congratulations to our TPS team for creditable effort at the Division A swimming carnival on Monday 4 November.

Thank you to our parents for coming along to support our students on the day.

The following students received a ribbon at the carnival:

Daniel McK                         4th                           25m Freestyle

Darcy E                                 2nd                          25m Freestyle

                                                4th                           25m Aquatic Underarm

Addison B                            2nd                          25m Freestyle

                                                2nd                          25m Backstroke

Hugo L                                  1st                           25m Freestyle

                                                2nd                          25m Backstroke

Duncan H                             4th                           25m Freestyle

Maielle S                              3rd                           25m Freestyle

Melody Z                             3rd                           25m Freestyle

June B                                   2nd                          25m Aquatic Underarm

Scarlett G                            1st                           25m Aquatic Underarm

Millie U                                4th                           25m Aquatic Underarm

Ben B                                     1st                           25m Backstroke

                                                3rd                           50m Freestyle

Stella T                                  4th                           25m Backstroke

Charlie G                              3rd                           25m Backstroke

Ted H                                    3rd                           25m Backstroke


Year 6 Boys Medley Relay 3rd Kaiki, Thomas, Hugo and Ben

Year 6 Boys Freestyle Relay Kaiki, Thomas, Hugo and Ben

Year 6 Girls Medley Relay 4th Stella, Neve, Madeleine and Georgie

Year 5 Boys Medley Relay 3rd Charlie, Darcy, Louis and Daniel

Year 5 Boys Freestyle Relay 3rd Evan, Louis, Archie and Daniel

Year 3 Girls Freestyle Relay 4th Melody, Beth, Maielle and Poppy

Kylie Broadbent



Please see the image below for information in regards to the Taroona High School Orientation Day.



Please see below a calendar for the Term 4 Super LiL Sessions.




After consultation and feedback from the Taroona Primary community, we’ve introduced 3 new uniform items as a trial. These items will become permanent if sales trial is positive.

  • Polar Fleece Vests (Sizes 4 – 14) $40
  • Track pants with Reinforced Knees (Sizes 4, 6, 8 only) $47
  • Leggings (Girls Size 4 – 14) $35

See flyer here for photos.

Price lists and order form

Click “here” for the range of uniform items.

Click “here” for a price list. However, to save us and our office staff time, we do prefer orders to be via Qkr.

Opening hours:  

Wednesday – 2.45pm-3.15pm

Help needed

The Uniform Shop is managed and staffed by volunteers. Please contact Katie on if you would like to contribute to the school by volunteering at the Uniform Shop.


Student Absences

A reminder to parents/carers to advise the school office if their child is unable to attend school due to illness or any other reason.

A medical certificate is required if a child is absent due to illness for 5 days or more.

Signing Students in/out

To ensure we have an accurate record of student attendance in case of an emergency, we ask that any student arriving at school later than 9:00am or leaving for any reason during the school day be signed in or out at the school office.

Message to Students

If you need to get a message to your child, please contact the school before 2:15pm to ensure enough time for us to pass the message on.

Duty of Care

Please note that students are not to arrive before 8:30am. This is for the students’ protection and safety as there are no teachers on duty prior to 8:30am and classrooms remain locked until this time. Supervision is provided before and after school:

  • Playground (EXCLUDING PLAY WEST, BLUE COURTS & OVAL) 8:30 to 8:55am
  • Car park & bus area 2:50 to 3:05pm

School Volunteers – Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP)

All volunteers and helpers working within our school are reminded that they must have a current WWVP card.

To register go to the Department of Justice website and follow the instructions. Remember to select DoE and Taroona Primary School.

You will need to sign in at the office and show your card when helping at school or joining a school excursion.

The registration approval process can take several weeks, so new parents to the school, are encouraged to start their application as soon as possible. If you have a card please check that it is still current. Registration requires renewal every 3 years.


Lady Gowrie Taroona Before and After School Care operates from the hall each school day from 7:00-8:30 am (Before School Care) and 3:00-6:00 pm (After School Care), catering for children aged 4-12 years. We offer a safe and stimulating environment based on the children’s interests incorporating both indoor and outdoor play.  We employ trained Educators and provide a nutritious breakfast and afternoon tea each day.  Please contact the Lady Gowrie Outside School Hours Care Office on 6230 6806 or email us at for more information.

Please click here for Lady Gowries Taroona Vacation Care Program.

To ensure the safety of our school property, please ring Crime Stoppers if you see anyone acting suspiciously in our school grounds.